'Gemini Man' Scores on VFX but Will Smith Can't Salvage the Story

The Quint
A still from <i>Gemini Man</i>.

Yes, I watched Ang Lee's Gemini Man before you guys and I am here to help you decide whether or not you should spend your money on this Will Smith actioner. Gemini Man is basically Will Smith vs Will Smith. The film is about an assassin named Henry (Smith) who just wants to retire but gets to know stuff that he is not supposed to. As a result, the government wants him dead. So who is sent to kill him? A younger clone of Henry called Junior. Matlab another Will Smith.

Have Been Feeling Trapped by the Success I've Had : Will Smith

The movie looks pretty cool when it comes to the visual effects.

A CGI human has been created for the first time ever using motion capture technique. The action sequences will blow your mind. Especially the bike sequence. I really enjoyed the first bit but the second half felt like I was watching a Rajinikanth film. Take for instance the scene in which Will Smith is attacked by 50 people but doesn't even suffer one bullet injury, and instead takes down two people with one bullet. And I thought this is old because Thalaiva does this all the time.

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