Volkswagen Reveals New Logo & Branding At Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

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German automaker enters its electric phase with a simpler identity

  • Volkswagen's silver and blue 3D logo has been replaced by a new 2D design.
  • New logo will be more versatile as Volkswagen focuses on digital branding and communication.
  • The ID.3 will be the first Volkswagen car to bear the new logo.
  • New brand identity for VW as it enters new phase of EV models to help brand move on from the Dieselgate crisis.

AsVolkswagenpremieres the production-spec version of its first ever mass market EV, the I.D. 3, the German carmaker has also taken this opportunity to rebrand itself.

It revealed its new logo design that simplifies the iconic VW branding into a two-tone, two-dimensional entity.

The new logo sports a cleaner design, making use of the empty space between the letters and the ring they are enclosed in. There is only one ring in the new logo as opposed to the concentric circles on the previous Volkswagen logo, and the complex 3D elements have been dismissed for a flatter design.

Volkswagen To Unveil New Logo In 2019

VW's previous 3D logo with the silver and blue colours was introduced in 2000. While the core brand colours do not change (blue and white), the new design allows Volkswagen to use it with added versatility across platforms and in more colour options if needed.

Apart from the logo, Volkswagen also announced some notable changes to how it will brand itself in future marketing materials. This includes a new sound logo, like a tone to be synonymous with VW, and the use of female voiceovers for presentations and adverts. The carmaker says these can give it a 'friendlier' outlook.

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