China bans several border activities in Tibet

China bans several border activities in Tibet


China has announced bans on 15 border activities in Tibet to "strengthen the border control" and maintain the security and stability in the border areas.

The Chinese Defence Ministry informed that without a valid border pass or relevant approval, entering the border control areas, border zones, as well as specific areas, restricted military areas, forbidden military areas and areas with "No Entry" signs along the border, is prohibited."

According to the notice dated April 6, rejecting and evading border inspection is prohibited. "Orgzing or transporting, taking in, or harbouring people without valid border pass or relevant approval to pass through the border control area are prohibited."

The notice also said that "Surveying and mapping, prospecting, mining, logging, blasting, conducting scientific investigation, mountaineering, and other activities without relevant authorities' approval in border control areas, restricted military areas and forbidden military areas are prohibited."

"Carrying, transporting and disseminating prohibited books, pictures, audiovisual products, electronic products, etc., which may endanger national security and undermine national unity, are prohibited," it said.

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