Family of 5 loses 3 members: Indore pastor, wife and son

Family of 5 loses 3 members: Indore pastor, wife and son

The Indian Express

On Sunday, an Indore pastor's family held its third funeral in two weeks after four out of five family members tested positive for Covid-19.

Pastor A J Samuel, his wife Kunjamma Samuel, and son Johnson Samuel died over the course of 10 days.

The first person to show symptoms for the virus was the pastor's son. The 61-year-old software engineer began running a low-grade fever in the last week of March. Believing it to be nothing more than a common cold, he took medicines from his family doctor for about a week before he and his family got tested for Covid-19 on April 1.

Along with Johnson, his wife Shobi Johnson (56), his 86-year-old father—the pastor of Vandana Nagar Pentecostal Church—and 83-year-old mother tested positive for the virus.

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