Beware! Here's when Shah Rukh Khan turns into 'Delhi wala' and uses a lot of cuss words


Shah Rukh Khan, who is undoubtedly one of the most philosophical and soft-spoken Bollywood stars, also has an angry side that surfaces only when anyone misbehaves with him.

In an old interview with Radio Mirchi, SRK was asked if he is still a "Delhi wala" from inside. Shah Rukh was born in Delhi, and the actor had said that the touch of Delhi still exists inside him in terms of his talking style.

Calling himself "launda type", the Zero actor said that generally he is very soft-spoken, but his Delhi side aggression comes out when someone behaves inappropriately with him.

"I am a very well-mannered man because I have studied in St. Columba's. However, if someone misbehaves with me even a bit, then I turn into a Delhi wala. I turn very abusive and use a lot of cuss words as well," Shah Rukhhad said during the interview.

The superstar further said that the idea of "loving the sea" made him a 'Mumbaikar', and he considers Delhi as his birth mother, and Mumbai as his another mother that raised him.

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