BJP MLA prays for damaging limbs of single-use plastic user

The Statesman

A video purportedly showing the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Ramganj Mandi MLA Madan Dilawar praying to Godess Durga to damage the limbs of people who use plastic containers, went viral on Wednesday.

In the video, the MLA is seen with folded hands during Durga Puja celebrations, praying for the ill-health, monetary loss, and damage to the hands and legs of all those who are making use of single-use plastic.

The MLA is heard saying: " O Goddess, make all those people sick who sip tea in plastic glasses and spread dirt and filth around. Damage the hands and legs of their family members, ensure that they suffer misfortunes, never allow money to come to their house."

"I also want to say that if dirt and filth are eradicated, everyone around will be hale and happy," he added.

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