Is Pakistan Government's Descent Into Chaos Almost Certain?

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In Pakistan, October through to December may prove to be the months that bring to boil the stew of internecine political intrigues. The economic meltdown, paralysis in the bureaucracy due to

He plans to lock down the capital till his demands for the government to resign and holding of fresh transparent elections unsupervised by the military are met.

Record Rs 7,500 Bn Debt Accumulated in Imran Khan Govt's 1st Year

Military Wants Imran Khan Government To Go

Reports that the military has decided that this ineffectual government must go, has added spice to the stew.

These reports are bolstered by certain developments. Consider: First, file work on General Bajwa's extension has not begun, though a strange letter signed by the Prime Minister was circulated in August announcing the extension - this is contrary to the legal process required. The President notifies the extension after various summaries and final advice sent to him. Now reports have emerged Imran Khan has stopped the Defence Minister from sending the summary.

Second, a five-year-old case against PTI of having obtained constitutionally illegal foreign funding for his election campaign has suddenly come to life. The verdict as to whether the ECP can hear the case, and hear it in open court, is set to be announced on 10th October. Should the decision go against the PTI, and hearings start, the heat on Imran Khan will start approaching melting point.

Third, in an unexpected blow to the PTI, its Deputy Speaker in the National Assembly was disqualified by an Election Tribunal for having won with 65,000 bogus votes. He has since obtained a stay order from the Supreme Court, which is widely being seen as blatant political intervention by the apex body.

سپریم کورٹ نے قاسم سوری کو عبوری طور پر ڈپٹی اسپیکر کے عہدے پر بحال کر دیا۔یہ ایک اور تا ریخی مگر متوقع فیصلہ ھے۔ اس کو طے کرنے والے جسٹس عمر عطا بندیال، جسٹس اعجازالاحسن اور جسٹس سجاد علی شاہ ھیں۔ ماشاللہ!

("Supreme Court reinstates Deputy Speaker temporarily in its historic yet predictable decision. Mashallah").

Fourth, suddenly the IHC has fixed to hear case against Fawad Chaudhry, currently PTI Science Minister, for 9th October. Normally, PTI cases languish for years, with no or few hearings and no closure.

Fifth, most curiously, in an unprecedented move, a GHQ nominee has been denied appointment as a High Commissioner by the government, whereas earlier, all dictations were accepted by the PTI government in the vein of the 'same page' mantra it and the military have been singing.

PML(N) Suffering From Intra-Party Intrigue

All these very recent developments give rise to speculation that all is not well between Imran Khan and General Bajwa in the State of Denmark, and the 'same page' honeymoon period is all but over, with both protagonists fighting to bury the other before their own political demise.

Mix into all of this the thousand leagues under the sea shackling the party most affected by the PTI-Military alliance, the PMLN. Whether it can join hands with Maulana Fazl to give the last push to the government has fallen hostage to intra-party intrigue.

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