WATCH | UP policeman and monkey make adorable duo at work in police station


A heartwarming video has gone viral of an Uttar Pradesh police inspector in Plibhit district hard at work and a monkey sitting on his shoulders and probably looking for lice. The video was shared on social media by a fellow police officer, Rahul Srivastav, an Additional Superintendent for Uttar Pradesh Police.

The inspector is seen rifling through paper and files while the monkey is sitting and doing his work by going through the inspector's hair and searching for lice. In the backdrop, many are heard laughing and giggling at the inspector who is sitting calmly and bravely while the wild animal is perched on his shoulder.

पीलीभीत के इन इन्स्पेक्टर साहब का अनुभव ये बताता है कि यदि आप काम करने में व्यवधान नहीं चाहते हैं तो रीठा, शिकाकाई या अच्छा शैम्पू इस्तेमाल करें ! #Shampoo #Hair #Police #monkeylove #Monkey

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