Bring White Paper On Black Money Stashed Abroad: Congress To Centre

Bring White Paper On Black Money Stashed Abroad: Congress To Centre

Gourav Vallabh said in the last seven years, the government has been all talk and no action.

The Congress on Friday demanded that the government make a full disclosure of the nature of black money and names of the individuals who have stashed it in Swiss banks, and asked it to bring a white paper on how much of it has been brought back to the country in the last seven years.

Congress spokesperson Gourav Vallabh said the government should also come out with a complete list of measures that it has undertaken to check the stashing of black money in foreign banks.

The demand came after Switzerland's national bank -- Swiss National Bank (SNB) -- released data of funds parked in Swiss banks that showed that deposits by Indians increased to 286 per cent in 2020, the highest in the last 13 years.

Congress's chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala also demanded answers from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his promise to bring back black money and shared a video of the PM before he assumed power.

"Money deposited in Swiss banks is now Rs 20,700 crore. 286 per cent increase between the year 2019-20, the maximum money in Swiss banks in last 13 years.

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