Opinion: From Atma Nirbhar to Parmatma Nirbhar - by Rajiv Nayar

Opinion: From Atma Nirbhar to Parmatma Nirbhar - by Rajiv Nayar


If we look at the events of the past one and a half years, we realize that the misappropriation of the Covid crisis has shattered the very framework of our society. Fourteen months down the line, we are struggling for beds in hospitals, oxygen, medicines and ventilators. And that's not all. Unaccounted for deaths, bodies mixed up in hospitals, mass cremations/burials - and the loss of hope. Though help is being rushed to us from all over the world, those who have lost their loved ones now fear losing more. Can it get any worse? The catch phrase "Atma Nirbhar" has become "Parmatma Nirbhar" (God dependent). 

With the lockdown came, a migrant crisis was created with workers leaving cities and walking hundreds of miles to reach their villages. Where things were worse because of the absence of any sort of medical facilities. There were no trains for them and those that were subsequently introduced bled these migrants of their last pennies. It was made mandatory that tickets had to be bought. And the "blame game" started between the Railway Minister and states. We will not easily forget that while these trains were belatedly introduced, for the Kumbh Mela, trains were made easily available.

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