Stabbing Attack By Teen At Brazil Daycare Kills Three Children, Two Staff

Stabbing Attack By Teen At Brazil Daycare Kills Three Children, Two Staff

A policeman described the attacker's weapon as "samurai-style" (Representational)

An 18-year-old attacker armed with a samurai-style sword burst into a daycare center in Brazil Tuesday and killed three children and two staff, local police said, leaving the small southern town in shock.

The attacker then turned his weapon on himself, gashing his own neck, abdomen and torso, said authorities in Saudades, a town of 10,000 people in Santa Catarina state.

"He was taken to the hospital in critical condition," police said in a statement.

Officials did not indicate a motive for the gruesome attack and said the assailant had no criminal record.

"When firefighters arrived at the daycare center, they saw an extremely brutal scene. There were already children dead, an employee also," emergency worker Leonardo Ecco told journalists.

Employee Aline Biazebetti, who was at her home near the daycare center, described the horror of realizing what was happening inside.

"I heard screams, cries for help. I told my father, 'Something's going on at the daycare.' I went outside and saw my colleagues calling for help: 'Please, call the police, an armed guy came in and is killing the children,'" said Biazebetti, 27.

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