TINA. We Need Lockdowns

TINA. We Need Lockdowns


What a mess we have made. All of our own making. Each one of us has at some point been derelict. Avoided a mask, didn't observe social distance or worse, didn't report or test when we had mild Covid symptoms. So, we are all at fault for where we are today. We were so happy and proud thinking we had conquered the Everest of Covid that we did what we do best, relax, go bindaas and ignore all pleas and rules. It was party time; from Diwali to Holi we had a ball, the Great Indian Wedding was back, flights to Goa, Mauritius and the Gulf were packed. A lakh watched India play England in Ahmedabad. Tens of lakhs went to the Kumbh and thousands packed political rallies as the Election Commission set up the longest Bengal election possible.

While we did all this, most of Europe and the US was in lockdown and trying to get vaccinated. They had second or third waves on, but we didn't want to watch or learn from what was happening elsewhere. After all, we know best. So instead of ramping up our health facilities; funding, procuring and distributing vaccines; driving genome sequencing; continuing the campaign for masks and distance; we played politics, which we are very good at. If the political machinery of this country had spent as much time, money and effort in planning and preparing for a second wave, would we be where we are today?

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