Waiting For Vaccination, Not As A Journalist But As A Daughter

Waiting For Vaccination, Not As A Journalist But As A Daughter


On Sunday, at a vaccination centre in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, at least 500 people were already seated -- social distancing and masks in place -- long before the jabs were to start at 10 am. 

This time, I was not here with my mic and camera crew.

I was there as a daughter escorting both sets of parents - my husband's and mine -- for their second dose of Covishield - which seems to be in shorter supply than the demand. I have seen my strong parents, with all their life experiences, needing me to reassure them about vaccination and its possible side effects. It's a very humbling feeling, personally.

Elderly women or elderly couples, holding on to someone for support as they barely managed to walk in for vaccination, was a common sight. Some of them were carefully escorted by their loved ones or volunteers. Then there were those who could not drive and were dependent on neighbors or friends to bring them. Their gratitude was immeasurable. Those on palliative care get the first priority. 

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