WhatsApp Tricks And Shortcuts You (Probably) Don't Know About

WhatsApp Tricks And Shortcuts You (Probably) Don't Know About


Use WhatsApp Web? These keyboard shortcuts might come in handy.

We all love shortcuts, don't we? Keeping this in mind, instant messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced shortcut keys for Mac and Windows users. These keys, which the app referred to as cheat codes, can be used while accessing the app on the Windows and Mac web versions. WhatsApp shared these codes through four images on Twitter. "Final boss mode: Unlocked," read the caption of the post.   The shortcut keys will allow users to explore a variety of options such as making a message unread, opening a new chat window, muting chats or searching in the chat list.

Final boss mode: UNLOCKED! pic.twitter.com/ykDVmwyL7V

Depending on the user's operating system and type of application, the short cuts will vary. Hence, WhatsApp has created four different categories of cheat codes. They are the Mac Desktop app, Mac browser, Windows desktop app,  Windows browser versions.

A Windows user can now mark a message as unread with the help of this command Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U. On Mac browser, one can press Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+U to mark a message unread. 

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