"Abuse, Guilt": Boris Johnson Drops Hint On Why He Left Journalism

"Abuse, Guilt": Boris Johnson Drops Hint On Why He Left Journalism


The opposition Labour Party said Johnson should apologise to journalists. (File)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested on Tuesday that he had left journalism for politics, because in his original profession he often found himself abusing people in print.

Johnson, 56, has displayed a colourful, sometimes combative speaking and writing style both as a journalist and as a politician, a trait which has fuelled many controversies during his three decades in the public eye.

"When you're a journalist, it's a great, great job. It's a great profession. But the trouble is that you always, sometimes, you find yourself always abusing people, attacking people," he said during a visit to a school on Tuesday.

"Not that you want to abuse and attack them, but you are being critical. You're being critical when maybe you feel sometimes a bit guilty about that because you haven't put yourself in the place of the person you're criticising."

Johnson concluded his off-the-cuff remarks by suggesting that it was those aspects of journalism that had driven him to give politics a go instead.

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