Change In The US But Suspense Continues - by Rajmohan Gandhi

Change In The US But Suspense Continues - by Rajmohan Gandhi

It's not the President who holds America together. Nor is it the Supreme Court, or the two houses of Congress, or political parties, or even the Constitution. Or Wall Street or Silicon Valley. Dispersed across their vast land, individual Americans keep their country going and their leaders within bounds.

During Trump's final few days in office, individual military officers, speaking publicly and from their posts, made a couple of things plain. There was no possibility, they said, of Trump initiating a nuclear or non-nuclear military strike on his own, even though as President he possessed the critical computer-and-code. Subordinates in the chain of military command, it was openly announced, would disobey a manifestly selfish order.

They also indicated that thousands of the National Guard would move to Washington D.C. to enable and protect the Biden-Harris inauguration. It is likely that preparations for such a move were made on or even before January 6, when Trump repeated the falsehoods that he had "won in a landslide" and that "the election had been stolen" from him, and urged "patriots" to march to the Capitol to prevent the certification of Biden's win.

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