Extremely Rare White Kangaroo Born In Zoo: "Our Jaws Are On The Floor"

Extremely Rare White Kangaroo Born In Zoo: "Our Jaws Are On The Floor"


A kangaroo with all-white fur was born in a zoo in New York.

Visitors to the Animal Adventure Park in New York will soon be able to view one rare animal - a kangaroo with white fur. The zoo revealed that one of their kangaroos had given birth to a joey with all-white fur a post shared on social media Friday. 

The white joey was born several months ago to a red kangaroo. Its "extremely rare" white colour was revealed only when staff removed it from the mother's pouch recently for a full inspection.

"This is not your standard red kangaroo!" Animal Adventure Park wrote in a Facebook post that has gone massively viral. "Red kangaroos are born the size of your thumbnail, and do much of their development in mom's pouch, outside of the womb. At the age of approximately 4-5 months, we do our first full "pull", removing baby from mom's pouch for a full inspection and medical review, and then return the joey to mom's pouch for her to raise."

Their inspection on Friday revealed that the joey born to a red kangaroo named Rosie was born with white fur. Take a look at pictures of the baby kangaroo below:

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