Chaos At Telangana-Andhra Border As Hundreds Try To Get Home

Chaos At Telangana-Andhra Border As Hundreds Try To Get Home

Hundreds of people, mostly students, were seen standing in queues outside police stations across Hyderabad as authories began issuing passes to those who wished to return to their hometowns, as the 21-day nationwide lockdown began on Wednesday.

Serpentine queues were seen outside the Kukatpally police station for instance, an area that has many people who are originally from Andhra Pradesh.

Scenes were not different at the Andhra Pradesh-Telangna border as hundreds of vehicles were stranded for hours after police on the Andhra side refused to allow the vehicles at the border to go back. "Many are students, those trying to get home. They are waiting here since the morning but not allowed to enter Andhra Pradesh," said Ashok who shared videos on location over a live call.

Huge crowds said to be in front of #Kukatpally police station #Hyderabad seeking permission to leave for their homes on their private vehicles

"For quite a few days there is no option because of their hostels being closed and food becomes a challenge as cooks are not coming in," one young man told NDTV.

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