Herd immunity is still far: Global data

Herd immunity is still far: Global data

Hindustan Times

One out of five people in New York City and one in 10 in Wuhan have been infected by the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and developed antibodies that protect them against reinfection, but the proportion of immune population is still too low even in outbreak epicentres for it to confer herd immunity that slows the spread of infection, according to data from several studies done around the world.

'Based on data from many countries that have done serosurveys, it is clear that only a small proportion of 5%-10% people have been exposed to this virus. It will be difficult to achieve herd immunity without a vaccine, the number of people who get ill or die may be unacceptably high,' said Dr Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist, World Health Organization.

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