State-wise petrol and diesel prices across India on February 25

State-wise petrol and diesel prices across India on February 25

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Petrol and diesel prices continued to soar to new highs as fuel rates were hiked again on Thursday.

Here is a complete list of petrol and diesel prices across states in India on February 25:

States Petrol Diesel
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Rs 76.45/L Rs 76.08/L
Arunachal Pradesh Rs 84.47/L Rs 78.62/L
Assam Rs 87.51/L Rs 81.79/L
Bihar Rs 93.25/L Rs 86.57/L
Chandigarh Rs 87.50/L Rs 81.02/L
Chhattisgarh Rs 89.39/L Rs 88.06/L
Dadra and Nagar Haveli & Daman and Diu Rs 86.72/L Rs 86.24/L
Goa Rs 88.91/L Rs 85.83/L
Gujarat Rs 88.26/L Rs 87.75/L
Haryana Rs 88.89/L Rs 81.89/L
Himachal Pradesh Rs 88.64/L Rs 80.55/L
Jharkhand Rs 88.35/L Rs 85.97/L
Karnataka Rs 93.98/L Rs 86.21/L
Kerala Rs 91.09/L Rs 85.76/L
Lakshadweep Rs 92.81/L Rs 87.38/L
Madhya Pradesh Rs 98.96/L Rs 89.60/L
Maharashtra Rs 97.34/L Rs 88.44/L
Manipur Rs 94.73/L Rs 84.87/L

Rs 87.14L

Rs 80.55/L
Mizoram Rs 87.94/L Rs 80.36/L
Nagaland Rs 90.86/L Rs 84.29/L
Delhi Rs 90.93/L Rs 81.32/L
Puducherry Rs 92.55/L Rs 86.08/L
Punjab Rs 92.46/L Rs 83.55/L
Rajasthan Rs 97.47/L Rs 89.82/L
Sikkim Rs 91.90/L Rs 83.60/L
Tamil Nadu Rs 92.90/L Rs 86.31/L
Telangana Rs 94.54/L Rs 88.69/L
Tripura Rs 91.17/L Rs 84.82/L
Uttar Pradesh Rs 89.49/L Rs 82.11/L
Uttarakhand Rs 90.79/L Rs 83.32/L
West Bengal Rs 91.12/L Rs 84.20/L
Odisha Rs 91.66/L Rs 88.63/L
Andhra Pradesh Rs 97.98/L Rs 90.69/L
Jammu and Kashmir Rs 94.11/L Rs 84.84/L
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