Love it tender, love it rough, never let it go

Love it tender, love it rough, never let it go

The Telegraph

My grandfather owned a copy of the Norton Facsimile edition of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare that had been gifted to him by his uncle when he was a teenager. By the time I inherited this copy - several aunts and uncles had already feasted on the bard's immortal words - its forest green cover had turned black and the pages were a magical translucent yellow that almost crumbled to the touch. By then, reading this hefty, yet fragile, tome was nigh impossible. But I solved my quandary by appropriating the crossed bookstand from the altar that was used for the Gita.

When author and editor, Alex Christofi, found himself in a similar situation, he chose instead to slice the book in half along the spine, diminishing the intimidating breadth of Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace into two slimmer volumes.

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